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Submission Rules

:bulletblack: Let's keep submissions to 3 or 4 a day. We don't want our inboxes spammed. :)
:bulletred: No screenshots. You can take a screenshot and draw it, that's fine, but no actual screenshots.
:bulletblack: The games aren't M, so the art shouldn't be either. If it's because of gore in a battle, it's fine.
:bulletblue: Drawing NPCs is fine.
:bulletblack: We accept all forms of art; digital, traditional, literature, ect.
:bulletred: You must be a member to post your art here, not just a watcher.
:bulletblack: FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?
:bulletblue: FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
:bulletblack: FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
:bulletred: If your art doesn't violate the above rules, or any of dA's, your free to submit to our gallery.
:bulletblack: You can also sumbit to our faves.


Deebs Book P3 by Drunkfu Deebs Book P3 :icondrunkfu:Drunkfu 20 10 Deebs Book P2 by Drunkfu Deebs Book P2 :icondrunkfu:Drunkfu 35 6 Deebs Book P1 by Drunkfu Deebs Book P1 :icondrunkfu:Drunkfu 23 7 Keiloria World of Warcraft by Veraldrisz Keiloria World of Warcraft :iconveraldrisz:Veraldrisz 0 0 Tria_ all she wants to do is by J-Christine-Allen
Mature content
Tria_ all she wants to do is :iconj-christine-allen:J-Christine-Allen 0 1
My turn now bubba by J-Christine-Allen My turn now bubba :iconj-christine-allen:J-Christine-Allen 1 0 Frogen_Battle Artists by J-Christine-Allen Frogen_Battle Artists :iconj-christine-allen:J-Christine-Allen 0 0 Fluffy the Dragon by J-Christine-Allen Fluffy the Dragon :iconj-christine-allen:J-Christine-Allen 0 0 Post-Quasar by GrimweaverArt Post-Quasar :icongrimweaverart:GrimweaverArt 35 6
Of Fire and Ice
The Dark Lord stopped his writing, placing the stylus on the polished, marbled desk and looking about the room. It was quiet, his Apprentice sent off on some errand he couldn't even recall now. He sighed faintly to himself, looking about the darkened recesses of his office.
"I sense you… but I cannot see you. Show yourself, or understand what it is to interrupt a Darth in his work." The old Sith said as he looked deeper into the corners of the sparsely lit room, his eyes narrowed, the lines around them deep from his age, and his grey eyebrows frowning as he struggles with the Force power that is stopping his vision. He fights harder against it, his anger now rising and fuelling his energy, and he pours it into the attack upon the barrier that blocks him.
The struggle is won, and the old Sith narrows his eyes to peer into the corner where the darkness is deepest, his eyes ablaze with red energies as a figure forms and steps out into the dim light. The Dark Lords aged eyes widen
:iconkierman:Kierman 3 2
Celestial Armor by DNA-1 Celestial Armor :icondna-1:DNA-1 802 59 NWN Ascended Keiloria Lineart by Veraldrisz NWN Ascended Keiloria Lineart :iconveraldrisz:Veraldrisz 1 1 Cards by graver13 Cards :icongraver13:graver13 56 11
At what price?
How Much?
How much more of a fool
can I be, in your eyes?
To accept all the stories,
the twists, and the lies.
How much more of this pain,
do you think I can bear?
When I love oh so deeply,
but you just don't seem to care.
And how much more do you want,
of my soul and my heart,
before nothing is left..
and I crumble apart?
:iconkierman:Kierman 2 3
Omnistar by PhantomOperative Omnistar :iconphantomoperative:PhantomOperative 7 4 The Summoned by graver13 The Summoned :icongraver13:graver13 188 20
This is a collection Of Art Based on City of X
But not created by a member.
Or was not created for the soul use of "CoH-CoV-Fans" Group.

Enjoy the eye candy.

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as of Nov 30th 2012  NCsoft  is closeing the doors forever.
To the loyal fans the have mentoned giving us a specal suprise.
Clicks and read please !…
Hi ,
DA has been re opened via  a gate way to heroes in  : Paragreen next to the areana. In Grandville close to the dock.
Warning this re do is a  wonderfull zone for levels 45 if teamed . Street hunting is a great option as we waite for yet the next Incarnate team to form.
Yes D.A.  is the new R.W.Z.

Some I- trials  you can earn you Alpha slot while teaming . B.A.F is the fastest . But it requires the same amount of time teaming up as it would to go to contact in Oro.

New trials include Desmond (the D.D.) parts 1-3 . Most leauge leaders ask we be alpha +1  
Mot is the main bad guy in the on- going story . It is well written. I sugest on your first time in you use the letter / message listed in your contacts (or mission listing) it looks like another tip.  The over all story is a very good one.

Up coming is retro sci-fy looks and new armor . One type being a mecka type . aka  Gundam  
Water blaster ... yes  why am i thinking hot summer days ?
Oh ! Prat. is geting a new zone.

New baddies ...
and one  AV (or EB ) in the works to come make everyone else look like whoosies ?  *ping *  
Looking foward to seeing the new stuff in the future . Poke me on game ..or here ;)
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PiledriverPete Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
I'm not moving on to another MMO any more than when Champions Online or DC Universe Online came along.

I gave those a look when they came along, but City of Heroes is the only game that fit like insanely form-fitting spandex.
J-Christine-Allen Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
HOT topic .. who will be playing what now ?
CMKook-24601 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Just thought I'd mention here that I have taken up Coloring line art: Should you wish to have Line art you own the right to have colored (IE you drew it, commissioned it or received it as a gift or contest winning) I can be found here :icongreenlantern24601:
and on that note I am currently holding 2 contests each which had 2 possible winners and are now down to one (meaning a total of 2 possible winners left) they can be found on MY DA journal here [link] and on the CoH Forums here [link] (for those that don't know I go by Xenophage there)

any way hope to hear from you soon
J-Christine-Allen Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Any one else have a Sg/Vg they would like to nominate?
J-Christine-Allen Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
By the costumes,I assumed Golden or silver age for you.

Triple SuperGroup and a sister Villan Group. Nice.

PaladinAnderson Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
Million dollar question, eh? I can tell you my *favorite(s)*, at any rate.

The Gods of the Golden Age/Young Gods of the Golden Age/New Gods of the Golden Age are three linked groups on Virtue who operate as one big SG. We've got a matching VG too, the League of Sinister Intent.

As you might be able to tell from the names, it's a themed RP group, pulp/golden/silver age, very four-color old-school heroics, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I wouldn't trade 'em for all the influence in Paragon.
J-Christine-Allen Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Ok Question for all here.

What is the Best SG/VG over all ?
Please List server also.
Kierman Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Hello's all.. Maybe I should actually put a few pic's up huh!? :P
J-Christine-Allen Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010
Inviteing .... Inviteing ... Inviteing ...Inviteing ....
Wow this is like spaming for a brand new SG/VG

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